Webinar Announcement: The 9 Behaviors that Get Technical Professionals Promoted

Amazing webinar to attend, I am adding whole description below, Register ASAP:


ASME North American Pacific District D Presents

The 9 Behaviors that Get Technical Professionals Promoted

Saturday, Sept. 21, 2013
10:00 AM to 11:00 AM (Pacific Time)
1:00 PM to 2:00 PM (Eastern Time)

Check-in begins at 9:30 AM (Pacific Time)
Register Now! https://9behaviorsgetyoupromoted.eventbrite.com/

ASME Members: $27.50
Students, Sponsors and Unemployed: $15
General Registration: $69

The 9 Behaviors that Get Technical Professionals Promoted
How YOU think about…
• Taking initiative
• Leadership: Like a Partner
• Having a “Big Picture” perspective
• Networking
• Self-Management
• Understanding Your Organization
• Following: “Leave Your Ego at Home”
• Telling Your Story to get Results
• Teamwork: Being on a Team
• Follow-Through

…and advance in their career to manager!
You and Your Company DESERVE BETTER

A Great Opportunity to…
• Address behavioral gaps in your performance
• Learn what your company really wants from you
• Improve your performance and communication skills
• Achieve your full potential…

Managers know what they want from their engineers. If you want to get
noticed and ultimately promoted, this course can help you. Whether you
want to be promoted to higher levels on the technical path or you want to
advance into management, these nine traits are necessary to be successful.

Many engineers believe it is their technical competence that will get them
promoted. But in survey after survey, the data indicate that the nine
behaviors taught in this course will lead to your success. The information
in this course is not what you learned in engineering school.

In this one-hour ASME webinar Steven Cerri will share these nine behaviors
that technical managers are looking for so you can get you noticed and
advance in your career.

Who Should Attend:
Engineers, Early Career Engineers, Entrepreneurs, Technical Professionals,
Technical Supervisors, Faculty, Engineering Students, and Engineering

This event is targeted for engineers and technical professionals at all
stages of their career.

For more information/sponsorship opportunities:
Contact Registrar: (DistrictD.asme@gmail.com)

Event Schedule
Time (PDT)      Topic
9:35 am – 9:59 am
Connect to the webinar and watch the pre-event slideshow
10:00 am – 11:00 am
“The 9 Behaviors that Get Technical Professionals Noticed”
11:00 AM Event Closes

Steven Cerri, Founder, STCerri International

Speaker Background

Steven Cerri (Founder, ST Cerri International)
Steven Cerri is a top trainer, facilitator, and coach who has helped
thousands of engineers enhance their communication and management skills
and make the transition from engineer to leader.

As a sought-after and highly respected speaker, especially within the
engineering profession, he offers keynotes, workshops, training and
consulting to corporations, associations, and individuals.

His clients include Ball Aerospace and Technologies Corporation,
University of California, Maersk Logistics, ViewSonic Corp., Lockheed
Martin Corporation, Sandia National Laboratories, Genentech, ARDEC
Armament University, and GeoGraphix Inc., as well as executives, and

Steven began his career as an aeronautical engineer employed at Rockwell
International Corporation. He then acquired an M.S. in geophysics and
worked as a programmer and researcher for the United States Geological
Survey before returning to the flight performance group of Rockwell
International.  During his second stint at Rockwell, Steven met four
engineers and together they started a software development and systems
engineering company focused on Department of Defense programs.  Steven
received an MBA and progressed from program manager to director, to vice
president of engineering, chief operations officer and general manager.

He then left to join a printer start-up as product manager and director of
corporate training, helping the company grow from half a million to over a
quarter of a billion dollars in six years.  He since founded ST Cerri
International, where he provides training and coaching in interpersonal
people skills, management, and leadership transition to help great
engineers become great managers and even greater leaders.


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